How to make 3-D flowers

The Dahlia headband, designed by Tonia Barry for our Spring 2012 collection, sports three-dimensional flowers on a garter and stockinette headband in Cotton Bam Boo PrintHaving trouble understanding the instructions? Tonia took some photos on-the-fly while she was knitting up her sample. If you would like to knit one yourself, you can purchase the pattern as an instant pdf download here (Ravelry link). 

Knit your petals. Make 12, 6 for each flower. Cut a 24" piece of yarn and fold it in half. Thread it through a tapestry needle.

Insert through each of the four eyelets in each of the six petals for the first flower.

The Cardigan of the Summer...

Hyperbolic? Nah...

It's open-front, semi-striped, flattering, and in our gorgeous mercerized Egyptian cotton, Provence. Need I say more? It's the Tremont Cardigan from Talitha Kuomi (sounds like Tabitha, only with an "l").

Color is intimidating for me. I worry too much about what syncs with what, what colors flatter me, what translates well to a garment...

Anyway, this piece stuck in my craw the second I saw it. It's exactly what I love in a sweater--not constricting, versatile, and will stand up to a beating. But I was curious...with 73 colors of Provence in our catalog, what combos can we come up with? I asked Creative Director, Susan Mills. Color is her comfort zone. And she came through with some choices. So, naturally, I knit some swatches. 

Niagara Falls Pit Stop!

Betsy, Heather and Meg opted out of flying and drove to TNNA from here in North Billerica. On the way there, they stopped by Niagara Falls because, as Betsy said, "You only live once, right?"

Happy summer travels this gorgeous holiday week!